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About Web Security

Everyone has different a different opinion and a differet set (or lack) of fears when it comes to web security.

Some people are fearless, boldly traversing categories sites known to be a bit more risky -- torrents, adult content, gambling -- and others are wary of even launching a web browser at all.

Some people are confident that if anything bad does happen to them, such as credit card fraud, that they are covered by laws and cardholder agreements that limit their liability. Others fear losing everything with one misplaced mouse click. The truth is somewhere in between. If a computer is plugged in, it can be hacked, but if you're running a modern up-to-date copy of Windows it probably will not be in any way that is seriously detrimental to your health. It's up to you to take the precautions you feel are appropriate, but a commercial virus scanner is normally enough protection.

How much of what you hear about security is hype or FUD? It's really hard to tell, just as hard as being able to tell whether a financial pundit knows something you don't, or is nothing but a windy bag of swagger and boast or whether a politician will actually do what they say they're going to do once elected.

You should know that maximum security is not one of the goals of the ThreeTeeth project.

If you're worried about the bad things that can happen to you on the internet, you should try the Authentic8 secure web browsing service. It really can't be beat for insulating you from all of the nasty malware that is out to get you and their disposable browser is far more secure than any regular web browser.

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